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Window Types for Replacement and new installations

Many options fto make your home or business unique.

Our windows come with the following features:

• Full Screen (standard)
• Energy-Saving Glass Assembly
• Installation by Trained Window Contractor Professionals
• Industry Competitive Warranty

Below is a list of the types and styles of windows available for your window replacement project: 

Double Hung Window Units
• Sashes will slide open vertically
• If it is a single hung window, only the bottom sash moves up to open.
• The screens can be exterior or interior
This style is popular for first floor installations where high traffic occurs outside the window unit.

Slider Window Units
• Similar to single or double hung windows s described above, but turned on their side
• Either one or both sashes moves to open by sliding horizontally.
This style is popular for first floor installations or for basement windows. They are easy to open and close and do not stick out near walk ways where injury or accidental damage can occur.

• Hinges are located on one side so the window swings open from the side.
• This type of window unit offers low air leakage rates due to tighter seal
They are traditionally popular on the second level application or north facing walls.

Bay Window
• Combination of three or more columns.
• Center column is made of one or more windows parallel with wall
• Outer side columns are angled back towards the wall.
Bay windows are very popular for living rooms or grand rooms that face the public or street side. They are very attractive and enhance the value of any  property.  This is often considered the showcase window unit.

Bow Window
• Similar to bay window but with additional window pane columns
• The window panels will radiate out to form a semi-circle
Again they are a showcase window unit and often found in the living rooms facing the front of the house.

Awning Windows
• They are very similar to casement windows but hinged at top
• They open outward.

Picture Windows
• These units are large, single center panel, flat
• Optional side columns where the window panes on the side can open up.
These type of window units are ideal when their is a great view to be enjoyed.

Garden Window Units
• “Box” style window that extends outside the exterior walls of the house. They are common in kitchen area where it makes it ideal to grow plants, small pots of herbs and spices.

Decorative Windows
•  You can select window units from four beveled glass styles and they can contain polished groove grids in a variety of patterns.
These units are ideal facing the curb so they add a level of personality to the home or commercial building.

With so many choices available to you, it can become very confusing.  Do not worry, our window customer care specialists are available to come by your home and simplify the selection process. Give us a call to set up an appointment. This is the best way to proceed.  Call us today to set up an appointment that is convenient for you and your busy schedule.
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