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Are you a business owner?
Do you know how you can effectively market your company online?

We are an internet marketing agency that helps local businesses like yours.
  •  Communication-IMPACT™ helps you develop an effective marketing strategy that gets you noticed online.
  • Communication-IMPACT™ positions you as the expert so when referrals check you out online, they are impressed. 
  • Communication-IMPACT™ builds your credibility and increases your online exposure so when customers are looking for your products and services, they find you.

The internet is changing how business is being conducted. Your potential clients use the internet as their primary source of information when deciding who they should buy from and where. Many local business owners like you are wondering what they should be doing to market their business online. You may have invested in a website but is that enough in today's environment? The answer is no! 

You look for advice and are bombarded with a wide array of tactics that accomplish little in the end. It can all seems so overwhelming and the number one issue with any business owner is the availability of time to do this properly.

This is where Communication-IMPACT adds value to your organization. We help you develop a strategy that works. We establish a process that will build your online presence for the long term. We start with assessing your strengths, weaknesses and the threats and opportunities that face your company. We profile your ideal customer or client. We then start optimizing your existing website and effectively SEO your site so each page is properly indexed on the search engines. We then select the social media platforms that your potential customers are using and build your social presence and establish a following.

Many local business owners (maybe you) are being fed a lot of poor advice. Online marketers will claim that the business owner should be tweeting on Twitter, other say they should be writing blog posts, others suggest a Facebook fan page, a LinkedIn profile, articles, back links, video, email, audio, RSS feeds and the list continues.

At Communication-IMPACT™, we work to produce an internet marketing strategy for your business that will put your message, products, and services in front of your customers when they are looking for you.

Now more than ever, you need to include internet marketing as a main part of your overall marketing strategy. With advances in technology, online marketing tactics such as video are no longer only reserved for the big companies. Local companies can utilize video, audio and many other forms of content to market their business online.

We invite you to explore this website to learn what is available to make your business a success.
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