Lead Generation - IMPACT

Lead Generation - IMPACT™

Making your phone ring

Leads are the life blood of any company. A steady stream of incoming leads means continuing business and profits. A lack of incoming leads means lower sales and revenues.

Your challenge in today's economic climate is the traditional way of generating leads are not as effective as they once were. Mass media advertising such as TV, radio and newspapers do not produce the returns you once enjoyed. Traditional methods such as direct mail, Yellow Pages and cold calling no longer work as well.


Your customer base are changing their buying habits.  Whether you are a B2C or B2B organization, your potential customers are relying on the internet and the search engines to provide the information they require to make an informative purchasing decision. You customers are very effective at tuning out the traditional mass media promotions of the past. They want the right information when they are ready for it at their convenience, where ever they may be.

What does lead development do for you?

We know how to craft your message so that it is educational and compelling. We create content around these messages and upload them online so they are front and center when your customers are search for your products and services. 

We track your results through a proprietary sophisticated lead tracking software so you only pay for leads, not clicks as in a PPC campaign.

Give us a call to discuss how we can develop and implement your lead generation campaign and get your phone ringing again.
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